Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "borrowing" of the gnome.

So if you've watched Sonny with a chance. You;ve probably seen this gnome in the prop house

Well I didnt want him to be alone all summer. So I "borrowed" him to come join me on my many adventures!!!!Photobucket

Thats right,I did it, I nabbed the gnome. Hes going to be hangin with me over the summer and Im going to document it via this blog. So stay tuned for more gnome shenanigans!!!!!


  1. you are so awesome doug!!!

    love the gnome!

  2. Doug you are so funny I did something like that for school but I was in 2nd grade then now Im in 6th grade ps I got this from your satnow

  3. Where did you get that gnome? I've been wanting that specific one and have been looking everywhere for it.